Getting back to basics with how society feels

Sociestat asks one simple question, how are you? It's not a trick question, and we don't attribute your response to you as in individual. Our aim is simple, to map out the self reported happiness levels of people across the world!

Each year, since 2012, there has been an independent world happiness report commissioned by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), you can read their report here. Whilst this gives an excellent analysis of world happiness, we want to capture the thoughts of the masses, displaying data in real time, and provide support for future research.

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Mapping the worlds self reported state of happiness

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We collect a variety of data items to provide us with a comprehensive map of the worlds self reported happiness.

  • Location Reported or inferred
  • Time At submission
  • Response Happiness rating

Our aim is to map the worlds self reported happiness in any given time window. By doing this we allow for two things;
1) For society to gain an understanding of the happiness of those around them and around the world, and;
2) To allow others to aggregate our data with other sources to identify trends in happiness and external factors.
Why do it? We believe by making people aware of how others are feeling and allowing researchers to identify and monitor trends, the world can be a happier place.


Unlock the power of the data through research and analysis.